The Asia Report Is Back!

Investing Opportunities in 2023

I'm excited to be restarting The Asia Report, after a long hiatus.2023 is shaping up to be an opportune time for investors.

Especially compared to the challenging conditions we faced in 2020 and 2021.

Back then, the availability of cheap credit caused asset prices to soar across the board.

Markets were priced for perfection and there was huge bubble-like behaviour in many asset classes.

There was little to write about in the absence of any bargains.

The world looks very different now.

Here are some of the opportunities that have opened up:

  1. You can find low-risk investments yielding 4-5.5% SG/USD.

  2. Singapore bank stocks and large REITs are offering 5-6% in dividend yields alone, with potential for capital gains.

  3. US stocks have fallen from their peaks, making them more attractively valued.

  4. Chinese stocks are at multi-decade lows, making them relatively inexpensive.

  5. Even large Hong Kong stocks are delivering yields of 6-8%.

I'm genuinely excited about the prospects ahead.

We will be talking about all the above topics and more in the coming months.

It's a great time to be an active investor again, and I look forward to exploring these opportunities with you.

PS - We'll be relaunching our website next month too!

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