Top Reads of The Week 22/10/2023

Treasury market selloff has become the worst bond bear market of all time according to BofA

The ongoing selloff in the US Treasury bond market that began in January 2022 has now become the largest bear market in history for government bonds, surpassing the previous record set in 1946.

Are bonds a good investment right now?(**Highly Recommended If You Are Close To Retirement)

With interest rates potentially peaking, bonds may become more attractive fixed-income investments compared to stocks and cash in the near term.

Uber-like Grab’s stock drop shows why Singapore’s not yet Asia’s Silicon Valley  

The big decline in Grab's share price highlights the challenges Singapore still faces in becoming a leading Asian technology hub like Silicon Valley.

China tech’s narrowing losses signal a bottom for some watchers

Narrowing losses among major Chinese internet firms have led to speculation that the industry shakeout may be ending.

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