Top Reads of The Week 12/11/2023

Is China different this time?

Whether to invest in China has become one of the most hotly debated issues for investors.

It's striking how rapidly sentiment has shifted from optimism to extreme pessimism.

For investors in dividend-paying Hong Kong stocks, understanding developments in Hong Kong and China is crucial given their close economic ties.

This week, I'll share insights into what veteran investors are seeing on the ground.

The million dollar question is whether "it's different this time" for China's economy.

Is this just another cyclical downturn, or are more structural forces emerging that fundamentally alter China's investment outlook?

There are no clear answers yet. In a future post, I'll dive deeper into the nuanced perspectives.

Top Reads of The Week

Key insights from Ronnie Chan, Chairman of Hang Lung Properties On Hong Kong & China 

Veteran Hong Kong investor provides in-depth perspectives on the current economic challenges of both Hong Kong & China.

Highly recommended read. Notably, it shows the extreme caution that Ronnie Chan has for someone that has traditionally been very bullish on the Chinese economy.

Re-evaluating the Chinese Economy - Key Insights from Bloomberg Conference

Bloomberg recently hosted a timely roundtable discussion on the Chinese economy, gathering valuable insights from veteran investors and experts on the ground in China.

With the polarized news coverage these days, it is refreshing to hear nuanced perspectives from seasoned professionals directly involved in the market.

Primavera’s Fred Hu says China’s innovators are lying flat amid Covid Zero and tech crackdowns

Fred Hu argues entrepreneurs are increasingly discouraged by China's expanded tech crackdowns and onerous COVID containment policies.

China's vanishing foreign executives highlight growing risks and instability for international businesses

The opaque detentions and disappearances of more foreign executives in China point to greater political hazards and instability for international companies operating there.

China's underground "lying flat" movement poses mounting challenges for European luxury brands chasing increasingly frugal Gen Z

The growing "lying flat" phenomenon among China's disillusioned youth presents a troubling headwind for luxury brands aggressively targeting the increasingly frugal Gen Z demographic.


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