Top Reads of The Week 17/3/2024

Top Reads of The Week  

As interest rates continue to rise, more S-Reits may face the risk of suspending distributions to unitholders.

Higher borrowing costs and lower valuations could put pressure on S-Reits' ability to maintain their distribution per unit (DPU).

Some S-Reits have already cut or suspended distributions, and analysts warn that more may follow suit if interest rates remain elevated.

Source: Business Times

After scrapping all tightening measures, can it save HK developers

The Hong Kong government has scrapped all property tightening measures in a bid to support the struggling real estate sector.

However, analysts are divided on whether this will be enough to save developers facing liquidity issues and falling sales.

From sports to music lessons, China's kids see sharp decline as purse strings tighten 

Chinese parents are cutting back on extracurricular activities for their children as the economy slows and job losses mount. Enrollment in after-school classes, from sports to music lessons, has dropped sharply as families prioritise essential spending.

China Vanke debt downgraded to junk status by Moody's as liquidity concerns mount amid tumbling property sales

Moody's has downgraded China Vanke's debt to junk status, citing liquidity concerns amid falling property sales.

The move reflects the challenges facing even China's largest and most financially stable developers as the property market slumps.

The downgrade could make it harder for Vanke to raise funds and may prompt similar actions by other rating agencies.

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