Top Reads of The Week 26/11/2023

Chinese policymakers seem to be finally waking up to threats facing the economy after a year of half-hearted economic measures.

Plans to assist struggling property firms hint they are finally grasping real estate's huge role - up to 30% of GDP - and its perilous link to fading consumer confidence.

They are leaning heavily onto state-owned banks which have been understandably reluctant to shoulder the risk of non-performing loans within the sector.

Banks like Bank of China are currently highlighted by many analysts as top picks for high dividend stocks.

However, their financials, particularly the numbers on their loan books, present a challenge due to their opacity.

This lack of transparency makes it difficult to fully trust their numbers.

As Richard Branson says, business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one around the corner.

Top Reads of The Week

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Xi Tolerance for Property Pain Nears Limit as Rescue Takes Shape

As China's property sector crisis triggers growing discontent that threatens growth and jobs, sources say top leaders have agreed rescue measures are indispensable regardless of Xi Jinping's hostility to speculation.

China bank stocks face crisis of confidence over bad debt risk

Investor fears are mounting over the asset quality of China's largest state lenders as they are enlisted to fund government bailouts, sending bank stocks plunging.

China Weighs Unprecedented Builder Support with First-Ever Unsecured Loans

China is considering extending unsecured loans to property developers for the first time among unprecedented bailout funds aimed at resolving the deep real estate crisis.

Country Garden’s Dollar Bonds Jump on Support List Inclusion

Country Garden's dollar bonds rallied after the developer was included on a list of firms set to receive financing support, restoring market confidence.


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