Top Reads of The Week 5/11/2023

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Top Reads of The Week

The Bear Market Playbook

I share how investors can better exploit market sell-offs systematically by having a “Bear Market Playbook” on hand.

Analysts mixed on UOB's outlook after 3QFY2023 results

Analysts have varying views on UOB's prospects after the bank reported higher net interest income but lower fee income in Q3. Good overview of the issues facing UOB and other banks.

Time to Invest in Singapore Banks Stocks

Previous article I wrote. I make the case that Singapore Banks Stocks are reasonably valued. With dividend yields of 5%+, they offer the potential for 10% annual returns down the road.

How safe is your pension if stock markets take another big plunge just before you retire?

Important article how “safe bond funds” led to huge losses in retirement portfolios in UK context. Highlights the importance of CPF for retirement as even “safe bonds” can be highly dangerous.

Why Hedge Funds Are Excited About the World’s Safest Market: U.S. Treasury Bonds

Many hedge funds are betting on further declines in Treasury prices and corresponding increases in yields as the Fed continues to raise rates to tame inflation.


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